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1. Library Books :

Ayurveda Books: 11240
Unani Books: 8750
Modern Books: 4363
Donated Books: D/2372

Total Books :-26,725

2. Staff (2 Person ) :

Jyoti Sharma : Library information Assistant
Jawed Alam : Helper

3. Timing :

09:00 AM To 04:00 PM

4. Seating Arrangement :

50 Student

5. No. of Journal / Periodicals :

500 Journal

Tibbia College Library Rules -

Objectives of The Library

The main objective of the library is to provide documents, information and environment that can be helpful in imparting education, promoting research and development and enhancing Knowledge of members.
 General Information

  • Entry to the library is allowed to persons carrying Identity Cards/Library Cards of A & U Tibbia College.
  • Entry to the library Reading Hall is allowed to persons carrying Identity Cards of A & U Tibbia College.
  • Entry to the Main Library (beyond Issue Counter) is not allowed.
  • Library has a closed access system.
  • Material for reading is to be carried by the members themselves. Members will be required to sign the issue register and submit their Library/I. Cards with the Librarian.
  • The reading material is to be returned to the library staff to stack properly.
  • The books/journals once issued cannot be taken inside the library beyond Issue-Counter.
  • Reference books cannot be taken outside the library.
  • All the library transaction will stop 15 minutes after the schedule opening time of the library.
  • All the library transaction will stop 15 minutes before the schedule closing time of the library. The administration reserved the right to ask any user who is the not complying with library rules &or not carrying the library / i. card in the library premises to leave the library.
  • I card can be checked by library staff at any time. Members are expected to cooperate.
  • The reminders for the overdue books will be displayed on the library notice board, but it is not obligatory on the part of the library authorities to do so. Advised to be vigilant themselves to avoid the overdue fine.

Timings & Holidays-

All Weekdays-9.15 AM-4.45PM
Saturdays - 9.15 AM – 1.45 PM
Closed on – Sunday & Government Holidays
Issue/Return Time – 9.30 AM – 1 PM & 2PM – 4.30 PM


  • All the faculty members and students of A & U Tibbia College are the members of this library. No ex-faculty member or ex- student will be issued membership card.
  • Membership for the faculty members working in A & U Tibbia College is restricted to the period they are on the payrolls of the College. They shall have to obtain a ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the Library before leaving the institution. ‘NOC’ will be issued on the government working days only.
  • Other category of staff of the institution complex can use library literature within the library only
  • Outsiders: Though outsiders are not allowed, but in some special cases access can be permitted by Principal only. This permission has to be taken in writing.

Borrowing Facilities : The borrowing items and rules regarding these are as follows:

Items Borrowing Duration Remarks
Books (except reference section books ) Fortnight 1. Reference section books cannot beborrowed.
2. Textbooks which are in great demand will be issued for only one week for their better utilization amongst the users.
Bound journals Fortnight Subject to availability
Unbound journals One week Subject to availability
CDs One day Subject to availability
  • Library card is needed for any one item.
  • The renewal of items is permissible only when the item is brought back to the library physically. 
  • It necessary, the library can call back items issued to members at any time

Departmental Libraries

  • Every department can borrow few books for ready reference. Only those books, which have more than one copy, can be issued to the department against the signature of the departmental head. If single copy, it will be kept in reference section only.
  • Manuscripts/Hand written books and old books will not be issued.
  • All the departmental books would be available in the department for ready reference to all the teachers and PG students of the department.
  • A proper record will have to be kept by the department for these books and department will be responsible for them.

Rights of The Members

A library member can

  • Consult reference books within the library.
  • Use reading room to study (personal books allowed )
  • Borrow one book/journal on each card.
  • Use internet facility in computer room (for academic purpose).

Permanent faculty members can get up to 4 books under theFaculty Schemefor long term issue which should not be more than six months.

Duties of Members

  • Always carry your Library/ I Card when coming to the library.
  • Do not damage ant material in the library.
  • Do not tear. Fold, highlight or underline pages of books, journals, magazines or newspapers.
  • Inform Librarian/Library-In-charge if anyone is found involved in any suspicious activity in the library premises.
  • Maintain silence in the library premises. Do not talk on your mobiles. Keep your mobiles on silent mode.
  • Return books, journals, magazines or newspapers on time.
  • Do not dislocate table and chairs from their position.
  • Be polite and gentle in your demeanor with the staff and other members.
  • Borrowers have to observe the physical condition of the books/journals etc before borrowing and return them in the same condition. Any damage at the time of issue should be informed to the issuing staff, otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage noticed at the time of returning.
  • Keep your library clean. Drop all the litter in the litter bins. Request others to do the same



Books & Bound Journals

  • For first week Rs. 1/- per day
  • For second week Rs. 2/- per day
  • After 2 weeks Rs. 3/- per day.

Current / Unbound journals

  • Rs. 1/- per day after the due date.

Lost Books / Bound Journals / Current Journals

1. Replace with same edition;

2. Replace with latest edition; or

3. Pay the cost of latest edition

4. Pay also the cost of binding if the book was bound.

  • If a book is lost, following options are available :

1. Loose journals-Pay cost of journals at present rate.

2. Bound Journals-Pay cost of journals at present rate plus cost of binding.

  • If a journal is lost, following options are available :

Damaged Books/Bound Journals/Current Journals

Members are liable to replace or pay the cost of the damaged document if there is:

  • Tearing of pages.
  • Tearing of page binding.
  • Dog-earing.
  • Underlining/Highlighting.
  • Any other act considered liable by the library staff.

The Principal office of the college will accept the fine

Lost/Damaged Library Card: The loss/damage of Library Card has to be reported in writing to the library immediately. The duplicate card will be issued within one weeks of the report, after payment of Rs. 100/- for each card. The member will be responsible for any loss, which the library may suffer due to misuse of his/her card. The liability of member shall continue till he/she surrenders his/her damaged cards or reports the loss of his/her cards to the library.

Library card of habitual defaulters can be detained for a period of 6 months and entry to library can be banned during this period.

The rules of Internet usage in Computer Room

  • Internet will be available for use from Monday to Friday form 10.00 AM. to 1.PM. and 2 PM to 4 PM. And on Saturdays 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM.
  • Users are allowed to use this facility only for academic & educational purpose & not for personal use. 
  • Passwords, if any, will be available only with the staff assigned for the duty.
  • User will be allowed entry with valid Library card only.
  • Depending upon the rush, time constraints may be applied by the staff on duty.
  • All users are required to make legible entry in the register kept for this purpose.
  • User is not allowed to make any change in the setting of PC, adding any executable programs, deleting files etc.
  • User should not remove/damage any hardware, wire networking etc. or interchange Keyboard, mouse etc. Any damage should be immediately reported to the duty staff. 
  • Downloading of software other than required for academic purpose in not allowed. Permission of in charge is required before downloading any file.

By Order-
Principal / HOD