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Vehicular Pollution in Delhi
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Steps Taken by Delhi Govt. to reduce the Pollution in Delhi
Supreme Court Direction
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Pollution checking centers
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Information on Pollution Checking Centres under RTI Act, 2005
Directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court for control of Pollution in Delhi .

 Hon’bleSupreme Court has issued several directions for control of vehicular pollution in Delhi in the Writ Petition (Civil) No.13029/1985 in the matter of M.C. Mehta Vs. Union of India. These directions and the time frame for their completion are given below:

S No. Direction Time Frame
1. Strict Enforcement of restriction on plying of goods vehicles during the day time 15-08-1998
2. Elimination of leaded petrol from Delhi 01-09-1998
3. Phasing out/ban on plying of old commercial/transport vehicles
(i) Vehicles more than 20 years old
(ii) Vehicles more than 17 years old
(iii) Vehicles more than 15 years old


4. Ban on supply of loose 2T oils 31-12-1998
5. Supply of only pre-mix petrol to 2-stroke engine vehicles 31-12-1998
6. Establishment of two Independent Fuel Testing Labs 01-06-1999
7. Only non-Commercial vehicles complying with EURO-I norms to be registered in NCR 01-06-1999
8. Only non-commercial vehicles complying with EURO-II Norms to be registered in NCR 01-04-2000
9. Comprehensive Inspection & Maintenance facilities to be started by transport Department and Private Sector 31-03-2000
10. New ISBT to be built at Delhi's North and South-West Borders (to avoid pollution due to entry of inter-state buses) 31-03-2000
11. Replacement of all pre-1990 autos and taxis with new vehicles using clean fuel 31-03-2000
12. Expansion of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) supply outlets from 9 to 80 31-03-2000
13. Ban on plying of buses more than 8 years old except on clean fuels 01-04-2000
14. Strengthening of existing air quality monitoring stations and setting up of new stations of critical pollutants 01-04-2000
15. Replacement, with financial incentives, of post-1990 autos and taxis with new vehicles on clean fuel 31-03-2001
16. Entire city bus fleet (DTC & Private) to be converted to single fuel mode on CNG 31-03-2001
17. Augmentation of public transport to 10,000 buses (from existing 6,600 buses) 01-04-2001
18. Automated inspection and maintenance facilities to be set-up fro commercial vehicles Immediate
19. Permission to ply less than 8 years old autos old autos & taxis and buses on conventional fuels till 30.09.2001 on special permits provided they have placed firm orders for new CNG vehicles or conversion of existing vehicle to CNG mode by 31.03.2001 31-09-2001

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